2019 Canada 👑 QUEEN ELIZABETH II 👑 From Booklet MNH 👑 Popular Series

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Stamp: One (1) MNH SINGLE STAMP in title from Canada Post


2019 Queen Elizabeth II Issue

Pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her famous Canadian Maple Leaf brooch with this single stamp from a booklet of 10 PermanentTM domestic stamps. The Queen has graced more than 70 Canadian stamps.

On the back of the booklet, in a photo taken during the 2010 Canadian Royal Tour, the Queen is shown wearing her iconic Maple Leaf brooch. King George VI gave the brooch to the Queen Mother in 1939, to mark the couple’s first Canadian Royal Tour. Queen Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) later wore it during her first Canadian Royal Tour in 1951. The tradition of wearing the brooch on a first royal tour of Canada has continued through generations with the Duchess of Cornwall doing so in 2009, followed by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

  • ISSUE DATE: January 14, 2019
  • STAMP DESIGNER: Steven Slipp
  • STAMP VALUE: PermanentTM (domestic rate)
  • QUANTITY PRODUCED: Continuous printing
  • DIMENSIONS: 20.25 mm x 23.5 mm

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