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Welcome to Busy Bee Emporium

๐ŸWelcome to Busy Bee Emporium๐Ÿ

First off, I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to read our story.ย Busy Bee Emporiumย is a small town home-based business whose beginnings originated as an online convenience store with delivery.ย 

Boy, have we changed!ย Busy Bee Emporiumย freshly transitioned to an online collectible shop with local pick-up and delivery options, along with Canada Post Shipping.

Starting a home-based online company launched when I was without employment after 14 years in the mental health support field. After some extensive consideration and physiological strife, I chose to pursue my lifetime dream of owning my own business. I researched and examined ideas based on my experience, hobbies and passions.ย 

During the first several years,ย Busy Bee Emporiumย delivered online convenience store goods. My soul loved the concept of having a corner store as my parents operated; McIntyre's Corner Store in Truro, Nova Scotia and my grandparents also ran a corner store in Dominion, Cape Breton - Nova Scotia. I loved that childhood experience and aspired to have a store someday.ย 

Withย Busy Bee Emporium, I recognized the established family-owned brick and mortar corner store remained a situation of the past as franchises now controlled this market. Busy Bee Emporium would necessitate a modern twist by running an online convenience store with delivery services.

Individually, my mind and enthusiasm proceeded to yearn to include mental health support within my store. I created encouraging and supportive note-cards (Emerging Connections for Mental Health) and postcards (Bee's Postcards) to fuel that passion.ย 

Emerging Connections for Mental Health,ย Bee's Postcards, andย Labelled MEย t-shirts are available on Busy Bee Emporium (Mental Health Recovery tab) and Freaky Deaky Mind's (www.myfreakydeakymind.com ) websites for purchase.ย 

Did you know thatย Busy Bee Emporium's business name originates from my well-known family nickname- Bee. It is common for me to sign my name as...Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - with an undetermined amount of e's. ๐Ÿ The words Busy and Emporium are to incorporate how I feel most of the time and our variation of products - including Bumble Bees!

I thank you for investigatingย Busy Bee Emporium's collectible website. Atย Busy Bee Emporium, we recognize how collecting can be an enthusiastic hobby and can produce years of happiness.

Lastly, I sincerely appreciate your support, and I am committed to providing genuine small-town service in this substantial global e-commerce market.ย 

Bee-Linda McIntyre

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