Mother’s Day Sadness

Since 1997 and every year after, you called on Mother’s Day. Usually, early in the morning, the phone would ring – I always knew it was you. Some mornings I was cranky (sorry), but it made me so happy most of the time. You never ever forgot. When both my children were born – you were there- the entire time. You worried, you paced, checked in on me during my labours, sometimes I was cranky (sorry), but I felt so loved that you loved me so very much. I really miss that call today Dad. I miss the voice that would say, I hope he does something nice for you today, or do something nice for yourself, and enjoy #MothersDay and don’t sweat the little stuff.

Days like today are the hardest ones because I know you will not call. I know, I know Dad…the sun can’t shine every day but damn it, I know now it will never shine the same. I miss you.

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