Even Busy Bees, Stop & Smell the Roses.

At Busy Bee Emporium, we offer more than bee stuff. Actually, Busy Bee Emporium is not about bees after all. The Busy Bee is me! Bee-Linda. I create printable prints, custom downloadable prints, cards, & also offer products for sale that can be purchased online on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay.

On Facebook Marketplace, Belinda McIntyre, you will find cushion covers, collectible pins, and notecards for local area pick-up or Canada Post Shipping.

At my eBay store, http://www.ebaystores.ca/bmmmoneymart BMMoneymart, I have fantasy banknotes, world banknotes, notecards, postcards, custom prints, and more.

Oh gosh yes, don’t forget to check out my online blog, myfreakydeakymind.com, that focuses on my mental health experiences, strengths, and hope each day – one day @ a time.

Published by Bee-linda

I am… Passionate and Assertive; Sensitive, Strong & Courageous; Bold & Shy; Honest, Open & Willing; Certain & Uncertain. Motivated & Energetic. Forever Young & as Old as Methuselah; Low Energy & Sad; Insecure & Confident. I am…. Simply me. Like me or Leave me. Label me & Judge me. I do know I am happy; and the rest is BULLSHIT.

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