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At Busy Bee Emporium, we offer printable prints, custom downloadable designs, & products that can locally be picked up or mailed.


Freaky Deaky Mind

At Etsy, you will find printable cards, printable wall art, notecards & postcards.


Busy Bee Emporium & Bee’s House

On Facebook Marketplace, you will find cushion covers, collectible pins, and notecards for local pick-up or Canada Post Shipping.



At eBay, we have fantasy banknotes, world banknotes, notecards, postcards, custom prints, and more.

Bee-linda’s mental health passion and advocacy can be seen in her creations & collectibles.

Belinda McIntyre, Creator & Mental Health Advocate

Trevor’s love for collecting world banknotes and creating fantasy banknotes, makes his products one of a kind.

Trevor Otterson, World & Fantasy Banknote Specialist


Busy Bee Emporium is an online shop that is located on Marketplace, Etsy, & eBay.

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